NEWS - updated 9-24-12

I've uploaded an addendum to the Manifesto Two (also downloadable) and also made the Manifesto a downloadable PDF.
The original 'News' page seems to have composted itself, so just a brief update:
The plan to purchase Morningstar and put it into a land trust still awaits a major donor.
Friends of Morningstar continues to spread the word, hoping that the right SOMEONE will
show up who needs a 15-year tax write-off in return for purchasing and donating the ranch to
a Sonoma County land trust/
click here for informational 2-page handout

2012 reassignments off-planet include Phil Morningstar and Occidental "Greeter" Ranger Rick.
We'll meet again in that Morningstar in the Sky that can handle an infinite number of beings without
freaking out the neighbors, or whomever claims to be in charge.