Recent News- updated 11-03-2015

“Let All Beings Be Peaceful and Happy Forever"
I’m sad to report that Morningstar sister Peggy Salzman died September 1u, 2015, at a San Rafael post-critical
care center. At age 73, after three months in various hospitals because of her diabetes-induced problems as well
as failing kidneys, she was ready to be reassigned. I like to think that she and her dear partner Bishop are now
together, along with various brothers and sisters who went on before her to the Great Commune in the Sky.
A great sister, who will be fondly remembered by many.

Also I notice that Coyote Otto is not listed. Ah, what tall tales of derring-do and mnear-disasters could be told
about this wiley guy! Also I think he set some sort of longevity record for getting along through the years
with various serious ailments. His long-time partner Denise could write a book!

Recent reassignments off-planet include "Cable Car John" Nelson, and in 2012 Phil Morningstar and Occidental "Greeter" Ranger Rick.
We'll meet again in that Morningstar in the Sky that can handle an infinite number of beings without freaking out the neighbors,
or whomever claims to be in charge.

Meanwhile, plans to raise the funds to purchase Morningstar and put it into a land trust
so far have not come up with a millionaire member of the tribe who needs a 15-year
tax write-off. It's hard to believe there isn't someone among the hundreds who visited
or spent time on both open land ranches who hasn't been shined on by the Goddess of Plenty.
Our informal Friends of Morningstar are always open to suggestions and advice!
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Love Always,

Recent News- updated 3-30-2014

The fifth verse from the folk tune "Going Home" made famous by the great singer
Paul Robeson
Morning star lights the way
Restless dream all done
Shadows gone, break of day
Real life begun

Uncle Dave Barsky (from Uncle Dave’s store in Occidental)writes:
Long-time friend Rebbeca has passed after a difficult bout with dementia…
I share the grief with her daughter Amber and her son Andre
and the many people whose lives she touched. She was about the first person
I met here in Sonoma County and I met many of my now friends thru her.